Free VIAI Training  

VIAI members have a passion for solving problems and an accumen toward math and programming. No formal degree is required.  

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Lead in a growing industry 

VIAI certified trainers serve as data coaches to industry leaders seeking to implement AI and ML best practices. Remote work is an option.

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Build a lifetime career

Certified trainers make a minimum of $80 per hour following the completion of this free program. There are 700,000 jobs to fill.

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Industry Partners Unite

Data is the new oil.

However, only 9 percent of companies today can find and use their data (Gartner, 2019).

At VIAI, we believe in fueling automated systems with high integrity data. We deliver a level of unlimited processing and storage power that cannot be achieved with any vendor solution today because we use hundreds open source microservices secure and protect data assets long-term. 

An Informed & Engaged Workforce.

We’re looking for partners like you to help veterans contribute meaningful value to high tech enterprises. We look forward to collaborating together.